October 2017

Nixops without sharing

April 2015

Add on Habit: Screen Time Equals Exercise Time
Motor Control
YouTuber Review: MobilityWOD
Balance Update
Competition: a good way to get hurt
Posture Checkpoints
Dedicated to the Public Domain
Fix Yourself By Searching
Add on Habit Toe Touches While Rinsing
Habit Formation Progression
Always Have a Project
Posture Power Butt Squeezed
YouTuber Review Smart Stretch
How I Cured My Chronic Ankle Pain
Why Slouching Is Bad
Cultivating Your Time
What is a Trigger Point?
Listening to Pain

March 2015

Muscle Bundles
Habit Triggers
Posture Power Feet Forward
Add-on Habit Mobilization at Meetings
How I Cured My Chronic Back Pain
Add-on Habit Balancing while Dressing
Add-on Habit Transverse Abdominis while Flossing
Your Body Should Not Harbor Pain
Add-on Habit Shoulder Range of Motion while Applying Deodorant
Increase Your Margin of Error

August 2014

Add-on habit serratus anterior at stop lights
Add-on habit toothbrushing squat

June 2013

IMAP RSS reader

January 2013

Voting against an amendment
Emacs Marmalade with-demoted-errors

November 2012

Observational humor case study 1
Low-fuss syncing for Chrome Secure Shell sessions

August 2012

PV-GS180 Windows 7 drivers
libmysqlclient-dev is a dependency of node js db-mysql installation

July 2012

Why does my garlic burn when I sauté it?
Rainbow smudge artifact on Pro8200

June 2012

How to survive Angel's Landing

December 2008

How to Make Your Own Free Website in 20 Minutes
Writing Review
Money Burning Charity
Learning to Write Well
Google Finance Definitions
What I Learned Playing MUDs
Programmers Will Form Labor Unions
Non-violence in Iraq
Admitting You Suck
Systematic Exploration
Capital Preservation
Opportunity Monitoring Company
Title Insurance Prices
Cutting Out the Midddleman
Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

October 2008

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb Efficiency

September 2008

Linux Webcams at Best Buy

July 2008

Ruby Socket Persistence

June 2008

lsof Lists Open File Descriptors
How to Win at scrabulous Using Regular Expressions

May 2008

Why Google Gears and Yahoo Browser Plus Don't Change the Game Yet
Delegating Your OpenID Authentication Doesn't Work With Drupal 6
Haml: Why You Should Use It
Email Reminder Scheduler -

April 2008

More Evidence That Programmers Aren't Smarter Than Other People
Google Accounts Sucks
Your Own Fast Image Gallery on Rails

February 2008

Why I Stopped Reading the Newspaper
Primary Post-Mortem
Vote Ron Paul Today
Profitable Education
No Shoes for 6 Months
Inform Yourself About Nuclear Waste
Blog Redux

August 2007

Lawrence Lessig Predicts Government Ruining the Internet

July 2007

How to Unlock Your iPhone Faster
Jumping Out of Bed

June 2007

Offical IRC for MUDs
How to Move Your MUD to Bluehost for Only $6.95 Per Month
Duct Tape Marketing

May 2007

Haml and Sass Rakefile
Ron Paul for President 2008
MUDing Website
In the Future, There Will Be No Files
Real Learning

April 2007

How the Press Works
Campus Assassins in USA Today
Passing Infinite Functions