Vizio CT15-A5 Secure Boot Ubuntu 12.10 Live USB

First shrink your Windows partition so you have space to install Ubuntu.

Here is how I booted a Live USB Ubuntu 12.10 with secure boot:

  1. Create USB live key with LiLi
  2. Restart
  3. Repeatedly press F2 to get into the EFI settings
  4. Change Secure boot to disabled
  5. Change OS Support to Other OS
  6. Change boot order to boot from USB key first
  7. Save and exit
  8. It should boot into a purple graphical non secure boot
  9. Alt-ctrl-delete to reboot
  10. Press f2 repeatedly to get into EFI again
  11. Change Secure boot to enabled
  12. Change boot order to boot from UEFI first
  13. Change “UEFI Boot Drive BBS Priorities” to be the USB key
  14. Save and exit
  15. You should see a text-based grub starting screen if it worked. If you booted insecurely, you will see a purple graphic at the start.
  16. During installation, be sure to select “something else” for the partitions and make the partitions you want (I did 4GB of swap and about 118GB for /)

After it installs, you should be able to select what OS to boot from in the EFI settings boot priorities.